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For the most of general IoT services, IoT devices becomes an actuator or sensor and data gets connected with Cloud service through an Internet to check it through smart phone or computer app. Diverse and complicated services can be implemented using API supported by cloud service.

Cloud services similar to the one I just discussed is provided from enormous vendors and Museum ( site introduces related postings. I am going to look close on 3 tutorials about using Bluemix of IBM.


<Build a cloud-ready temperature sensor with the Arduino Uno and the IBM IoT Foundation>

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It is about a temperature sensor application that has the most examples presence. This sensor has DHT11 temperature sensor that is being used the most in Arduino. Communication with Bluemix is a standard form of IoT cloud service which works with MQTT protocol and display information through browser in live. Since its source code is a bit simple and composition is also simple, this will be a very good example for beginners to follow.


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<Arduino IoT Send Sensor Data to IBM Bluemix>

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Though this material is 2015 updated material, its structures and information are identical to <Build a cloud-ready temperature sensor with the Arduino Uno and the IBM IoT Foundation>. Eventually, this content approves that the first material is the most important and fundamental tutorial.


<Build a motion sensor android camera with Arduino UNO, PIR sensor, Bluemix lot foundation and Push services>


This tutorial is an intensive course that can be immediately applicable by adding a scenario on real services.

This example is one of the best example that includes basic structure of real applied service because it not only includes IoT service which sends sensing data but also includes a real Android application that notifies a device based on set event.

Let’s look close,




  • Built in a form of device runs camera application and saves taken picture

A basic practice of security solution that tells the break in.

It not only provides IoT Arduino device source of alert system of motion detect but also provides Android application source ( of controlling camera and this will help beginner developers a lot.


It does not seem hard to build an IoT project that can be used in real life. Start following this material for better understanding of IoT service, and then develop your ideas based on the material. I am pretty sure this process might give make you IoT expert. Also, moving onto other cloud service other than Bluemix won’t be a big problem.

Following link will provide a example of using PIR sensor on mbed.