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This content is Using internet to Controlled robot arm.

This content the proud owner of my first robotic arm kit, a Lynxmotion AL-5D, with the heavy-duty wrist rotate mechanism.

AL5D Robotic Arm Combo Kit (BotBoarduino)




– Component

1. Lynxmotion AL-5D arm kit(SSC-32 Servo) – Robot arm kit

2. Arudino Uno. – Main core

3. Arduino Ethernet shield(W5100) – Using Web

4. Axis M1011 camera  –  For Video Streaming

5.  PowerSwitch Tail II – Power consumption reduction


– Bug fix &  technical

After the arm was functional, I continued to work out a few bugs where the Ethernet shield would crash if too many commands were received too fast. By allowing only one command every few seconds from the web site, this problem was eventually solved. I also added a laser pointer to help indicate the direction the arm was pointing, as well as a distance sensor (probably pulled from an automatic faucet), just for fun. The distance sensor is not linear, so I had to model the performance in a simple quadratic equation. It is fairly accurate now, although it still has limitations at far and very close distances.

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Ethernet shield for Arduino.

It is big problem. Because It is high price arm kit.

So, just refer content and you make later robot arm project. (recommendation)


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