Project Description

Internet Controlled house and Robot(Home Automation)

by Harshits20


In this project, author will tell you how to connect your entire house(all the electrical appliances ) to internet so that you can control your each and every equipment from anywhere in the world.
When the author clicks “on” for TV it open web address which send some data to arduino just say 1. When the author clicks off for tv it send 2. Accordingly author’s main server nano board receive ascii code and further transmit it to slave server which trigger the relay connected to tv. as simple as that.




1.Arduino Uno
2.Arduino Ethernet Shield
3.Lan Wire for connection to router
4.Arduino nano
5.nRF24L01 Transceiver Module (2.4 GHz )(wireless connection between master and slave is via RF Module)
6.A small Box to put all in together
7.5 V adapter (any phone charger)


1.Just Fix The Ethernet shield Over Arduino UNO
2.Connect Arduino nano To Arduino UNO via Tx and Rx pins
3.Connect RF Module to Arduino nano(refer image)


Source code

For more information, please refer to the following link: