Project Description

This Project is an efficient heating and cooling system built with arduino ethernet shield and relay. The system can cool the house to 68C on a 110C day and heat it to 68C on a 0C day.



Arduino system connects to the internet through an Ethernet shield and connects to temperature sensors in each of four zones through the Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire protocol. Similar sensors measure hydronic fluid temperature at the heat pump and in the floor and outside temperature. A set of relays control the Taco zone controllers that then control the zone valves. The controller is programed to operate autonomously but checks a website for instructions every 30 seconds. This allows the heating of cooling to be turned on remotely an important feature when the objective is to alter the state of the thermal mass of the floor.



arduino, arduino_ethernet shield, relay, temperature sensor, heat pump, reverse chiller, control valves



#arduino #ethernet shield #remperature #control #1307