Project Description


Universal Serial-to-Ethernet Module


  1. Support TCP server, TCP client and UDP communication, support broadcast communication
  2. 10/100BaseTX automatic negotiation
  3. Support DHCP protocol, can obtain IP address and network parameters from the DHCP server dynamically
  4. Ethernet connection and data communication LED indicator; level output for the Ethernet connection status
  5. Dual UART channels with independent configuration, UART baud rate from 1,200bps to 300,000bps
  6. The UART signal is 3.3v TTL/CMOS level
  7. With RS-485 transceiver control output, can be connecting to an external RS-485 bus interface
  8. Communication parameters saved internally, no need to re-set configuration parameters each time
  9. HS-ENG093B support configuration through UART interface and network interface
  10. Operating status of HS-ENG093B can be monitored through the network
  11. 5V (3.3v) DC power supply, power consumption ≤ 130mA
  12. HS-ENG093B include RJ-45 with built-in network transformer, easy to use.

Pin assignment:

Source: Hasion Electonics