Project Description

Features :

  1. Support TCP server, TCP client and UDP communication, support broadcast communication
  2. 10BaseT/100BaseTX automatic adaptation
  3. Support DHCP protocol, can dynamically obtain IP address and network parameters from DHCP server
  4. Ethernet connection LED indication, data communication LED indication, level output indicates Ethernet connection status
  5. UART communication data format can be freely set, UART baud rate from 1,200bps to 300,000bps
  6. UART signal is 5V (or 3.3v) CMOS level
  7. With RS-485 transceiver control output, external RS-485 bus interface
  8. Module running status output indication, for external CPU to check the operation of HS-ENG091B
  9. Internal communication Parameters, do not need to reset the communication parameters every time after power-on
  10. Support HS-ENG091B configuration through UART interface and network interface
  11. Monitor the running status of HS-ENG091B through the network
  12. 5V (3.3V) DC Power supply, current less than 130mA
  13. RJ-45 built-in network built-in network transformer, easy to use