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How to wire and test your Arduino + Ethernet Shield

by Zugiduino


This posting shows how to wire and connect using Ethernet Shield and test your Arduino board with Ethernet Shield by referring a simple web-server example.

In this post, he will focus on how to wire Arduino UNO R3 to Arduino LAN Ethernet Shield R3 and Arduino MEGA R2 to Arduino LAN Ethernet Shield, then test whether it works or not.

Notice that, he will only use Serial Cable, Arduino UNO R3, Arduino MEGA R2, and Arduino LAN Ethernet Shield R3 as the model, because there comes a lot of problem when deals with them, so I hope this guidance will help you. Here, the good idea is we do not need to use any ethernet cable.

Arduino UNO

Here is the wiring from UNO to Ethernet Shield:

Connect ICSP (UNO) to ICSP Header (Eth Shield) with common arrangement.
Then, pin 4 to pin 4 and pin 10 to pin 10. That’s all !

Arduino Mega

Please refer to the 1st picture.

Wiring them, from ICSP to ICSP header with common pin arrangement, then pin 4 to pin 4 and pin 10 to pin 10, that’s all!

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