Project Description

This is a tutorial on how to use the WizFi210 – Arduino WiFi Shield with Arduino uno board. The low-cost wifi shield can be easily connected to your WiFi network and communicate with the Arduino uno board through the serial communication protocol.  It controls an LED wirelessly from an Android phone/tablet app or from a computer tcp/ip terminal.


  • Arduino
  • Breadboard
  • WizFi210 Shield
  • LED
  • 220 Ohm resistor
Step by Step Guide
      1. Connect Wifi network with AT Command

      2. Arduino code using Codebender

        1) Use AT command on Wizfi210 from online serial terminal >> Codebender(
        2) Setup TCP server after connecting it through Wi-Fi Network
        3) If a TCP Client of WizFi210 connects to TCP Server,  WizFi210 will send converts data received from TCP Client to serial data.

      3. Arduino coding
        1) Use WizFi210 Shield library
        2) Write arduino code 3) When the received data is A’, LED turns off, while the led turns on at when the ‘ B’ is received.>

      5. TCP Client Terminal  check
        1) Use TCP Client tool and connect to a TCP server.
        2) Check LED status by sending ‘A’,’B’letters on TCP/IP server.














6. Android application 
 Use an existing TCP Controller APP in Play Store to check if the it works or not

  2. Codebender
  3. Arduino source code

Author: Michalis Vasilakis, Approved to post