Project Description

H / W setting

In order to update the firmware, WizFi210’s mode should be “Program mode” by setting the pin 37 to High. Of course, set the pin 37 High for normal operation after updating, UART pin is used for firmware updating and TX(pin 40), RX(42) pins are connected to the PC through RS232 transceiver.

  • Set the pin 37 to High (PROGRAM MODE)
  • Connect TX(#40), RX(#42) to PC’ COM port through RS232 transceiver.


PC program settings

  • Download WIZSamrtScript program and SPI firmware. [Note] Download the firmware and find the file under SPI folder.
  • Copy to AppFWfile folder under WIZSmartScrupt program and rename it to “s2w-app1.bin, s2w-app2.bin and WFW.bin“.


  • Set Group items as “U. JIG (User)” and set Script as “2. Flash Write (WLAN, APP, Clear)”
  • Designate the COM port manually, set the baudrate as 115200.

As shown in the following figure, when you click the Start Script automatically flash erase and re-write.

When the update is complete, turn off the power to the board and return to Run mode. (*Low to pin 37 of the module)


Set MAC address

After F/W update, the MAC address should be re-written using the AT command.

In this posting, I’m using the Arduino board so you need Arduino library of WizFi Shield.

  • Required library: WizFi Shield Library (,
  • Copy these files to  “libraries” folder under the Arduino folder.
  • Sketch for MAC writing: Download this sketch to your Arduino board.
  • Input “S” then send the MAC address. ex) “0008DC1A4BF8″