Project Description

In this tutorial we’ll explain how to send a value to Ubidots with the WizFi shield.


WIZnet WizFi 250 shield

Arduino uno

– Seedstudio’s Wizfi library

Install the Library

  1. Download the library as a ZIP file
  2. Open the Arduino IDE and go to “Sketch” –> “Import Library” –> “Add Library”.
  3. Select the downloaded ZIP file


Preparing your Ubidots Account

  1. As a logged in user navigate to the “Sources” tab.
  2. Create a data source called “WizNet” by clicking on the orange button located in the upper right corner of the screen
  3. Click on the created Data Source and then on “Add New Variable”
  4. Take note of the variable’s ID to which you want to send data. We’ll need it later to include in our code
  5. Create a token under “My Profile” tab. We’ll need it later for our code


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