Project Description




We used to think we want to control electronic devices like TV, computer things, not IoT products.

This article gives us a guide that is  how to control electronic devices, not even IoT device.



  • Experience of using IoT Platform Cayenne
  • A Little electronics knowledge



  • 1 × Male Plug
  • 1 × Female Plug
  • 1 × Large Wire
  • 1 × Jump Wires (for the relay)
  • 1 × Relay (Mine is KEYES relay)
  • 1 × Ethernet Arduino Shield (Mine is W5100)
  • 1 × Arduino (Obviously)


Let’s do

It is going to be helpful who want to make IoT devices.

And I hope you make smart home on your own with this guide.

For more information, visit the link below.


Author : Neoxelox
Tags: 2016, Arduino, Ethernet Shield, Cayenne, IoT, W5100