Project Description

This easy tutorial helps you build a system for measuring weight or strength using.
For this, a Arduino able to measure the pressure produced by the force in a force sensitive resistor sensor is used.
In this project you will learn how to:

  • Connect an Arduino to Carriots to send data streams using Carriots HTTP REST API.
  • Build an Alert App on Carriots by programming a Listener to send an email using the SDK.

This project is a quick way to create an alarm app and understand the basics of combining Arduino and Carriots.

Here is an overall diagram of the project:

Arduino is programmed to send a data stream to Carriots stating whether or not detecting weight.

All the data streams sent by Arduino are collected and stored in Carriots. Carriots is a huge database that collects all the information that your sensors send.

In addition to storing data, the true power of Carriots is to let you build Apps very quickly with few lines of Groovy code. In this scenario we are going to build a very simple Alert App that sends an email to you in case that Arduino detects weight or not.

With Carriots you can build very complex Apps to support all the logic of your product on the cloud and integrate it with other devices and IT systems. But for now let’s keep it simple.

Although this Alert App is very simplistic, you can used for example to measure the weight by creating a digital scale.


Tags : 201601, Arduino, Ethernet Shield, Carriots, Cloud

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