Project Description

Honorable Mention #8

NIETO: An NCID and NTP Client

Thomas Glembocki


The NIETO is an innovative network caller ID and NTP client. Featuring a WIZnet W5100 and an Atmel ATmega644, the system uses TCP to attach to an NCID server to retrieve and display caller ID information on an LCD. As an IP client, NIETO attaches to an NCID server and retrieves caller ID data over the Internet. The most recent call is always displayed.



“NIETO is an NCID (Network Caller ID) and NTP client. I built it in order to have a standalone box on my LAN to retrieve caller ID info without having to use a PC. The WIZnet W5100 provides four full TCP/IP sockets so that very little programming is needed to establish a TCP connection over Ethernet with a server. I was able to use the standard GCC C compiler WinAVR to open TCP sockets and send and receive data without any knowledge of what was taking place under the hood. The W5100 took care of all the Ethernet framing stuff and the TCP acknowledges, CRC checking and the like. It contains large enough buffers to handle TCP/IP frames without tying up precious CPU RAM space. In my case, all the CPU RAM was dedicated to storing Caller ID data instead.”—Thomas Glembocki