Project Description

Honorable Mention #5

Web Camera

Minas Kalarakis



The versatile Web Camera system can take a picture at a resolution of 640 × 480 or 320 × 240, rotate the camera horizontally and vertically, and change its IP and gateway address to match a network. Photos are taken with a C328 JPEG compression module, which serves as a JPEG-compressed still camera. The host can send a snapshot command to capture a full-resolution, single-frame still picture. The picture is then compressed by the JPEG engine (OV528) and transferred to the host. After each photo is divided in 64-byte segments, a WIZnet WIZ810 Ethernet module transmits the packets over the Internet.


“My project is a Web Camera whose images can be accessed using the Internet, instant messaging, or a PC application. The project involves a PC application that enables the user to access and control the camera. The user can rotate the camera vertically and horizontally via the PC-based application. The heart of the Web camera is a Microchip dsPic30F4013 microcontroller, which puts the photos in packets and uses the WIZ810MJ module to send them to the Internet. The competition was a great opportunity to use the ready-to-use module with the W5100 chip on it.”— Minas Kalarakis

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