Project Description



In this project we interface RFID-RC522 with Wizwiki W7500 and check the RFID using Web Server. The mission of this project is to check the RFID tag using  simple Web Server.


Hardware Requirements

1. RFID-RC522

2. Wizwiki-W7500

3. Buzzer

4. Wire Cable (connect to board)

5. USB cable (Firmware download)

6. LAN Cable


Hardware Connection

Connection with RFID

Connect the RC-522 and buzzer to the Wizwiki W-7500 as shown in the figure.


Creation sequence

1. First, RFID-RC552 reader check

2. Second Check the RFID tag and web server

It is simple Web server. Please check source.


Source Code:





For More Details:


Tags: 201801, W7500, W5500, RFID- Rc522, RFID, Wiznet, Home Automation