Project Description

Fourth Place

Remote Real Virtual Instrument Interface

Clemens Valens



With the amazing Remote Real Virtual Instrument Interface, you can control any musical instrument with a MIDI input and capture its audio output over the Internet. You can also use the well-designed streaming media device to record audio if you don’t need MIDI. It features a WIZnet W5100 hardwired TCP/IP chip, a Ramtron VRS31L3074 microcontroller, and a Texas Instruments TLV320AIC23B audio CODEC. The system’s software is split into two parts: an embedded portion for the VRS31L3074 microcontroller and a PC portion for the VSTi plug-in. The PC-side software provides the interface to the virtual music studio software.


“My project is a networked audio and MIDI interface that integrates with virtual music studio software that supports the VST standard. The host sends UDP packets with MIDI data over the network to the processor and the processor outputs the MIDI data on its MIDI port. A synthesizer responds to the MIDI data by playing a sound. The audio CODEC samples the synthesizer output and transfers the samples to the processor. The processor fills UDP packets with these samples and sends them over the network to the host. The host then plays the sound. The W5100 allowed me to use simple hardware to build my project. I was actually looking into some kind of FPGA solution when this one came along. No need to sacrifice half of your processor power for a TCP/IP stack.”— Clemens Valens