Project Description


This app is based on Arduino and Ethernet shield that is connected to the central heating system, it is the temperature. This Android application, after setting the IP address, will be used to control the temperature ID that can house is fixed.


  • Arduino uno
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield
  • DFRobot LCD keypad
  • DHT22
  • 5V relay


– Download : App of google store

Source Code


The video below shows the operation.

2. Somfy Controller Pro

This app is used to control your somfy blinds from your android phone. You can set nine timers to automatically performe actions as “every day at 11.00 blind A up” .


  • 1 arduino Mega
  • 1 W5100 ethernet shield
  • 1 telis 1 remote per blind ($25 on ebay)
  • 1 three channel relay card per blind ($6 on ebay)


Somfy Controller Pro_1
– Download: App of google store

Source code