Project Description

In this project we propose an educational robotic drawing system for learning purpose. Our system uses robot to draw projection of lines and all engineering geometry such as cube ,triangle ,square, polygon autonomously .The bot is completely autonomous once it is programmed through software interface

This robot currently operate in three modes.

Three modes

  1. Basic geometry (Ex.- square , triangle , cube ,etc )
  2. Text mode : for writing text
  3. Engineering Projection : This includes projection of lines , projection of solid , orthogonal view , isometric projection. This is the main aim of our project currently under development to make Engineering Drawing easy to learn . The robot will demonstrate projection by step-wise execution .


  1. DC motor with Wheels
  2. Roller Scale
  3. Atmega 16 controller board
  4. Arduino Ethernet shield
  5. Metal chasis
  6. Geard DC motor with belt arrengement: You can find this in printers ,Scanners ,DVDs
  7. 9g servo motor
  8. tire metal spokes or metal rod from scanner
  9. DVD lens holder



Final Result


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