Project Description

This project shows how to notify automatically using a water level sensor when a drainage tank of a water purifier is empty.

There is a drainage tank at the back of the water purifier. But, it is not easy to make sure that there is enough water in the drainage tank due to darkness.

As a result, the author made this IoT device that sends an alarm by e-mail after detecting the water level using sensor, Arduino, and Wi-Fi shield.

He attached the sensor at the outside of the drainage tank. The signal value would be 1 if the water is not detected by sensor and would be 0 if the water is detected by sensor.

The price of this sensor is about $15, not that expensive. Once the sensor is installed, it is permanent. Also, it is easy to empty out the water in the tank because the sensor is not smeared with foreign substance.

He built the sensor to send an e-mail by connecting IoT platform with WizFi250 and Arduino Mega.






Tags : 201604, Arduino, WizFi250, Shield, Ubidots

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