Project Description

This is a system that can handle the dangers in advance when object is trying to approach over regular distance. It gives an alarm through a speaker and you receive the notification on the smartphone using Arduino Uno, ultrasonic sensor, and Wi-Fi shield at the same time.


  • Arduino UNO R3 compatibility board
  • Wizfi250-EVB (Wi-Fi shield)
  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Piezo Speaker
  • Bread Board


Detailed Design

  • The ultrasonic wave is launched from the Trig of the ultrasonic sensor and it is heading towards objects.
  • The reflected ultrasonic wave bumped against objects is back into the Echo section.
  • We can get the distance between the objects using the length of time, launched from the Trig to the Echo section.
  • Using this, it lets Piezo Speaker sound an alarm if the object is trying to approach within a certain distance.
  • Once the speaker rings, it sends the notification on the smartphone through Internet.



Tags : 201504, WizFi250, Arduino, Ultrasonic sensor

Author : EunHo, Kim

Source :