Project Description

Recently people have been using Arduino in their projects with increasing frequency, since it contains e.g. Ethernet or Wi-Fi shield. An entire computer is usually altogether superfluous in this context. In this article I will show how you can use Wi-Fi in your project without Arduino. We will make a clock with Wi-Fi and monochromatic matrix, which will also show weather in relevant locality.



List of components.

  1. Debug board STM32F3DISCOVERY.
  2. KS0108 controller based screen (MT-12864A)
  3. WizFi220 Wi-Fi module.


There are 3 steps to display the weather forecast.

  1. Sending GET request and receiving an answer  for gathering the weather information from OpenWeatherMap.
  2. Initializing and adjusting Wi-Fi and display.
  3. Displaying current time, date and several day forecasts.


Step 1.

To receive a forecast, a GET request is sent to a dedicated address, which for Moscow looks like:




Step 3.

Drawing all symbols output to the screen. For this purpose, He used a wonderful program from Pyotr Vysochanskyi KS0108_4_0_1







Tags: 201409, openweathermap, weather forecast, stm32, WIZnet, wizfi220