Project Description

This project is about Arduino based messaging system. By using this device, a user will be able to both check the number of new messages received till now, as well as to read each of them, starting from the oldest one.


C0ldWater is a simple messaging system built and optimized for the arduino platform. It is based on a client-server architecture, with the client consisting of a 4×20 lcd, a ps/2 keyboard, an arduino board and an Ethernet shield, while the server has been developed in C.



C0ldWater is based on a simple client-server architecture, where all information between the two actors is exchanged via plain text sentences. Additionally, in order to store user credentials and messages, C0ldWater uses a SQL database.

Here is a block diagram of the architecture:



Here is a demonstration movie.
For more detail of this project & source code download, please visit C0ldWater blog site.