Project Description

I’m going to construct a Bus arrival alarm system using WIZnet’s Cortex-M0 platform board.

Since Smartphone is generalized all over the world, many bus arrival applications are also released on market. This project began with lifetime experience which is the need of bus arrival status without opening an application every time when everyone is chased by time in the morning.

The following video clip will explain how the system works.

From this point, I am going to explain method of building a system in steps.

STEP 1 : Concept

As I mentioned earlier of this post, I assume that many people would like to check the bust status with ear or eyes without taking a cell phone out and open the application which takes so many steps to check it in very busy moments. I am going to use Open API supported by local bust info system for this project.



STEP 2 : Important Hardware components

Following components are needed.


  • WIZnet WIZwiki-W7500 IoT Platform board
  • Seeed Studio Grove Devices
  • A Computer connecting to Internet
    • ARM mbed platform provided Web compiler (IDE), Internet connected PC is needed to use mbed webpiler

STEP 3 : Hardware Configuration

Connect WIZwiki-W7500, Grove Shield and various devices as seen in following picture.


STEP 4 : Used Library

Library used to build the system.



Step 5 : Checking Bus arrival info

This posting will explain using GBIS (Gyeonggi Bus Information System / Korea).


  1. Check information of a certain Bust number and Bus station number on
  2. Check Bus information.bus_alarm_7bus_alam_8
  3. Check the Bus line and station ID.
  4. Check Bust arrival information using Open API.bus_alarm_9
    URL Example: Bus base information request (key)

    URL Example: Bus arrival information request (key, routeID, stationID)

Step 6 : Import project with mbed Web Compiler

Click the following link to check the code of project uploaded on mbed.

Just lick ‘Import this program’ button located at upper right side of the page.




Step 7 : Build & Run