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Build a cloud-ready temperature sensor with the Arduino Uno and the IBM Watson IoT Platform

Part 1: Build the circuit and set up the environment

by Kyle Brown


This project is well described about Arduino Ethernet & BlueMix IoT.

This tutorial introduces you to the Arduino microcontroller, discusses how the author has used it to solve a home-control issue, introduces some hardware add-ons to the Arduino and shows how to connect them up, and then shows how to load programs to test the hardware.

Like many other engineers, I’ve been entranced for a number of years by the capabilities of the Arduino open source electronics platform. The Arduino is a single-board microcontroller that was introduced in 2005 (and named by its creators after a bar in the Northern Italian town of Ivrea). The Arduino is programmed by using a language (called Processing) that’s based on the Java™ language. The Arduino community is enormous, and hundreds of examples of using the board to take measurements from various sensors and control all sorts of actuators exist on the web. So when I thought about my problem, my attention turned to an unused Arduino Uno board sitting beside my desk, together with the Arduino Ethernet shield sitting in my drawer and the brand-new temperature sensor that had just arrived the week before that was waiting for a project. And as I thought about the IBM Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation and the capabilities for IoT development that are part of IBM® Bluemix™, the concept for my project began to take shape. Figure 1 shows the entire project that I wanted to build.

In the design, the Arduino board, connected to a temperature sensor, sends temperature (Fahrenheit and Celsius) and humidity information on a regular schedule to the IoT Foundation via the MQTT protocol and is graphed, using capabilities in Bluemix. The IoT Foundation enables this data to be plotted on a realtime graph. You’ll complete this entire project over the course of this series.


IBM IoT Foundation: Try out the IBM IoT Foundation and sign up for the beta program.
Arduino: Visit the Arduino website.
“Bluemix and the Internet of Things” (Ryan Baxter, developerWorks, July 2014): Find out how IBM Bluemix and the IBM IoT Foundation can work together.
DHT11: Learn more about the DHT11 sensor from the Virtuabotix website.

Get products and technologies
Arduino IDE: Download the IDE from the Arduino website.
Libraries for the DHT11 Temperature Sensor: Download the DHT11 libraries

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Author : Kyle Brown (IBM)