Project Description

Blynk Arduino DS18B20 Thermometer display on iOS or Andro

by maroelawerner

In this project, author is going to attempt to show you how to put together a little project to use the Blynk app (optainable at to display the temperature remotely on a iOS or Android device.
All of you guys may easily be able to make it.

Blynk Arduino_0


  • Arduino UNO clone
  • Ethernet shield
  • Dallas DS18B20 sensor
  • A 4k7 resistor is also required as a pull-up resistor for the data line.
  • Optional Breadboard
  • An iOS or Android device


The DS18B20 sensor connections are as follows, looking at the label:
Blynk Arduino_4

leg description
Left leg GND
middle leg Data
Right leg 5 V

Blynk Arduino_1

Breadboard ethernet Shield
Vcc 5V
Data pin 7
4k7 resistor between 5 V and Data legs

Source Code

The first file is for a single display only. The second one is a demo using different types of displays.
Download :

Blynk Arduino_2
Author used the BlynkBlink scetch from the Blynk examples and the DS18x20_temperature example from the OneWire Library.


Blynk Arduino_3

Screenshot of several different displays using the second code file.

Blynk Arduino_5

For more informaion, please refer to the following link: