Project Description

V1.2 core board

V1.2 core board is V1.1 on the basis of a series of improvements to the ARMand FPGA upgraded using CORTEX-M4 core, clocked at 168MHz.




Major improvements are the following:

1. reduce board space, increase the anti-jamming capability, more conducive to integration on the user’s bottom.

2. Extending the high-capacity serial FLASH memory various devices, industrial control systems to meet the state long-term storage.

3. Extend the CAN bus interface.

4. Increase the IO ports, a total of 99 months, compared with the first edition ( 46 points) increased by 53 points, can be used for multi-point control and monitoring.

5. network control chip W5300 address lines, data lines, control lines and status lines and ARM directly connected, the communication function withoutFPGA participate, if you do CAN , RS232 , Ethernet protocol conversion gateway when, can not weld FPGA chip.

6. layout has been optimized to substantially increase the performance of the core board.

7. Pin row seat and use customized plus whole copper long needle.


 The main application areas:

1 ) Industrial Control

2 ) RS232 and Ethernet protocol conversion

3 ) CAN bus and Ethernet protocol conversion

4 ) CAN bus and RS232 protocol transfer

5 ) Data acquisition

6 ) High frequency power control

7 ) motor control

8 ) CNC system


Second, the on-board main resources

1. MAX706 reset circuit with hardware watchdog

2. onboard 64Kbit ferroelectric memory FM25CL64 , the maximum memory speed 20 Mbit / s , than EEPROM or SPI interface, FLASH memory faster, thereby increasing the overall speed of the system.

3. ARM using STM32F407ZE , the working frequency 168MHz ; FPGA usingA3P400Q208 , configure 40MHz active crystal.

4. a RS232 standard interface.

5. a SPI interface for mass FLASH memory ( SST25VF064 ).

6. the network interface RJ45 .

7. set aside a CAN general line interface (not welded).


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