Project Description

Arduino: Super Graphing Data Logger

by Everett

Without any open cloud sever such as Xively, This project shows the graphical the logging data collected from any sensor with Web page thru ethenet shield.
For Graphical displaying, He used the open javascript – HighChart.js.

This project is the excellent reference to how to use Arduino board with SD card, EEPROM,FAT16 or FAT32, and Ethernet shiled. This project merit are that it doesn’t require a separate server or system to collect the data or to run script for the actual plot. Between the Arduino and the user’s browser, everything is taken care of.

For sensing data, He used the light sensor DSCF2941. The sensed data saved to SD card with CSV file format every 10 miniutes and the CSV file is made every week. These file list is displayed when you connect the board with web-browser, if you click any file on web-browser, you can show the graphical sensed data diplayed by HightChart.js.

He explains very well with the 3 sections as the following.


  1. Introductiion
  2. The Result
  3. How to Make One For Yourself
    • HC.htm
    • EEPROM_config
    • SGDL

Display Graphing Data

This chart can be zoomed in spectical period. Highchart.js javascript can be located any public web-site as well as itself, Arduino’s SD card.

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