Project Description

Arduino test sketch & circuit

This is an OSC class library for Arduino and simple test sketching. OSCclass Arduino library ver1.0.1

1. Connect EthernetShield to Arduino.

2. Connect the iPhone to a Wi-Fi router.

3. Arduino connects with a Wi-Fi router by cable LAN.

iOSC setting

1. startup iOSC,and “Edit”/”+” select No2 set

2. No2 set

choose a new set, and do part&host setting.

3. Parts setting
Message type on off
button1 /ard/ledyel int 1 0 :info-AlternateMode “ON” =seems toggle sw
button2 /ard/ledgrn int 1 0
button3 /ard/ledred int 1 0
slider1 /ard/ledpwm int min:0 max:255

4. Host setting
tap “Default Host”.
「IP Address」Input your pc IP Address.
「Port」Input “10000”
tap 「Save」

*The host setting is common with all parts.

5. Open iOSC_iPhone_test_Arduino_sketch.pde in ArduinoIDE. Write this to Arduino.