Project Description

This project has used OSC  protocol in creating a standalone device that communicate to lights without a need for a computer. The DMX channel that is being controlled is now derived from the OSC message itself. ie. /dmx/3 would control DMX channel 3.

The reason OSC was chosen is that there is a bunch of OSC apps for the iPhone. Also it’s well documented with a lot being done in the developer community.

Getting Started:

First a list of things we’ll need:

  • Arduino
  • Arduino OSC Library (see below)
  • DMX Simple Library
  • Ethernet Shield
  • LED par can
  • iPhone/iPod touch
  • Wireless Router
  • OSC conrtroller for iPhone (TouchOSC, iOSC, etc)
  • MAX485 or SN75176
  • 100 Ω resistor
  • Female XLR


Make sure host settings reflect the network settings you set in your Arduino sketch.

Finishing Up:

Now all we have to do is plug everything in.

  • Hook up you light via XLR to your circuit.
  • Set your LED par can to the same DMX channel as your Arduino sketch settings.
  • Plug your arduino ethernet shield into your network. Make sure it’s on the same network as your iPhone/iPod Touch or it will not work.
  • Turn everything on and try it out. If it works you should be able to control the red, green, and blue channels of your light via your slider controls on your iPhone/iPod Touch.