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This is an online thermometer which could be used in applications that need temperature monitoring like labs where test, troubleshoot, and calibrate equipment which is installed in nuclear power plants . Each module must have a burn in time ranging from 24 hrs to 360 hrs per module under max load conditions. Could be used in online temperature sensor to monitor the efficiency of the cooling system in the burn in area.

Other applications could be the monitoring of a server room. The Arduino allows up to 6 sensors to be installed so this would be efficient to monitor a normal sized server room.


Primary step

First need a network cable to connect my ethernet shield to a router ( if connecting straight to a computer the cable will need to be a crossover cable).

You will need;
Cat 5 or 6 ethernet cable
Network cable crimper/cutter
Network stripper
RJ-45 data plugs

Start by cutting desired cable length.  Use strippers to cut about 1 1/4” from the end.

Spread out twisted pair wires.  I aligned them according to the T568B standard because it is more common in the industry.  Here’s a diagram of both options and a pinout of a crossover cable.

 Allign and pull the wire out while bending the wires back and forth so they are aligned in a tight sequence.

Make a clean horizontal cut using the cutters on my strippers.  leave about 3/4″ from the cut.

Insert the cut wires into an RJ-45 plug with white/orange wire on the left side.  Make sure that the plastic insertion tab is facing down.  Also ensure that the wires are pushed in far enough by inspecting the end.  If you can’t see the wire all the way to the end then push wires in further before crimping.
Insert the RJ-45 plug into crimper and crimp the cable (make sure that you crimp down on the network cable sheathing with the connector).
Now terminate the other end and you now have an ethernet network cable!!



Hardware Components

1 Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Pro, Seeeduino, or equivalent

1 Seeed Studio Ethernet Shield or nuElectronics Ethernet Shield with prototyping shield
6 DS18B20 Dallas 1-wire temperature sensors (Note: not DS18S20)
6 4K7 1/4W resistors
Twisted-pair cable or alarm cable (minimum 3 conductors)
1 breadboard



Here’s the schematic for the Arduino board


Here’s the schematic for the ethernet shield.


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