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Ethernet or Internet communication originally, a protocol has been defined between peer-to-peer and configured to communicate with that protocol.Ethernet shield uses the chip of Wiznet W5500 which solves the TCP/IP Protocols.


Arduino Uno

Wiznet W5500 Ethernet Shield

Ultra Sonic Sensor(HC-SR04)


Infrared rays sensor(GP2Y0A41SK0F)



Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04)

the principle for generating the ultrasonic  piezoelectric effect ( the piezoelectric effect *) equal to .
– The ultrasonic sensor used generates a frequency of about  40KHz  and can measure the distance from 5 ~ 7m .
– These ultrasonic sensors are used for distance measurement .
– an ultrasonic sensor and transmitter  to the receiver and divided ,  a transmission signal is reflected  to the receiver to receive the calculated distance based on the time difference for it .
– Operation  triger the pin 10us  enough high  main surface of the ultrasonic sensor signal is  40kHz  automatically the pulse  8 raises times .
– Immediately after the pulse that caused the  echo pin is high when the reflected ultrasonic waves are detected  echo pin is LOW it is a .
– Measure the time it takes for this  echo pin to go  high and go  low , then divide the time by the speed of the ultrasonic wave / 2 ( round trip / 2) to get the distance .
Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04)
The speed of the ultrasonic wave is about  340m / s
– transmission of the ultrasonic sensor ( triger ) spaced a certain time from the emission of short ultrasonic pulses ,  the pulse in the return hit the object  receiver (echo) received in , and calculates a distance based on the time difference for it .
– The time taken to move 1cm can be obtained as follows .
– Therefore , t = 2 * 0.01 / 340 = 58.824us to ,  ultrasound is 1cm time it takes to move is about  29us takes .
– distance (cm) = duration ( round trip time ) / 29/2 ( round trip )

More description on ultrasonic sensors follow the below link

Infrared sensor (GP2Y0A21YK0F)

Infrared sensors are usually measured distance ,  the human body detection  is used a lot .
– an infrared sensor that emits light of a certain frequency  the light emitting portion , the light emitting is reflected for detecting  a light receiving portion composed of .
– Infrared sensor detects the light reflected by this metaphor of the object , you can see the distance to the object or free .
– The above element is   a device composed of integrated light emitting part and light receiving part .
– infrared light to external  noise because the receive too much ,  there are disadvantages that should be used only indoors.

Servo Motor (SG90):

Servo motors are  widely used in robotics field by taking advantage of precise angle control  .
– Angle control is  possible from 0-180 degrees or 360 degrees  .
– In other words , the motor can fit your exact position and speed along the predetermined command  called servo motors must .
– The servomotor is controlled by adjusting the pulse width using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) .
– At this time , when controlling the angle , it is possible to control by adjusting the length of duty cycle shown below  .
– using  SG90 is a cycle is  20ms , and fixed to , in the one period  Duty Cycle is a few yinya the angle moving along varies
– There are two ways to control the  servo motor in Arduino .
– How to enter a direct angle
– How to control the duty cycle  width yourself

Each sensor can be used as above.

The above sensors are configured as shown below.


  Photos of all works

All of this can be confirmed by Ethernet (Web browser).

Ethernet (Web browser):
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