Project Description is an Internet of Things host that generates graphs based on data you provide.

This instructable will explain how to:
– connect a DS18B20 temperature sensor to an arduino
– read from the sensor using the 1-wire interface
– send that data to directly from the arduino
– view the resulting graph on the internet
Part list

– Arduino

– Ethernet Shield

– DS18B20 : temperature sensor

Xively Fritzing


Add a new device to Xively

Xively DS18B20

You should now be on the Development Devices page of xively. This is where the fun starts.

Click on +Add Device

Give the new device a name eg Arduino DS18B20 temperature logger

Fill in a description about the device, its location such as My Hackerspace, and yourself if you like. I tend to add a link to my web site here although there is a dedicated web address area later in the instructions.

Choose whether the data is public or private. Do you really want the world knowing how hot your hackerspace is? I choose public unless it is something like an alarm which I keep private.

Click on the Add Device button at the bottom of the page.

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