Project Description

Try to display a graph of the temperature of the room on the WEB at the Arduino and Pachube

This project monitors room temperature every 30 seconds and upload the data to Pachube (server).

There are three parts for it.


First, Hareware

For this, user need Arduino, Arduino Ethernet shield, LM35DZ (temperature sensor).

Circuit design is so simple. Please refer below picture.

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Second, Pachube

Arduino temperature data measured by is a WEB service to share the sensor data Xively(Pachube) to be able to browse in.

Actually, Pachube has gone and we call it Xively.

Xively is not hard to use as ioT solution.

In order to use the Xively, needed to specify the data of the destination feed of the creation, Arduino for access from the API Key because you will need to create, introduce the creation procedure.

Third, Code

Through part1 and part2, User learn how to hardware the circuit and how to use Xively with Arduino.

This part shares open source.

User only refer the code but the point is Pachube Library now never used.

So, here’s Xively example with Arduino.

Please learn idea from this project and get code from this Xively example.


Xively Example :

Open Source :

Author Blog :