Project Description


The development kit of ALTERA FPGA (AFPE-003) released by Hiteclogic is a FPGA training board with EP3C16Q240C8N among the Cyclone Family from ALTERA. It provides user with image processing using C-MOS Image Sensor (OV7670) and Ethernet interface using W5300 from WIZnet implemented at code level (VHDL) with CD including the education exercise and teaching material. We are able to study through I/O(LED, Seven-Segment, DIP-Switch, Tactile Switch, USB to Serial), TFT-LCD(4.3″ Wide), Ethernet, OV7670 if you use the FPGA development kit.



Model Name AFPE-003
FPGA Cyclone-III Family, EP3C16Q240C8N
Configuration Device EPCS16(ALTERA, 16Mbit)
Power Input 5V DC : Adapter
Internal Power Three high-current voltage regulators(3.3V, 2.5V, 1.2V)
Status LEDs Power, Done
JTAG Connector 10-pin header (2.54[mm] pitch)
AS Connector 10-pin header (2.54[mm] pitch)
On-Board Clock 24[MHz]
10/100 Ethernet WizNet w5300
Image Sensor Module OmniVision OV7670
TFT-LCD LTE-430WQ(480 × 272, 4.3″ Wide)
SRAM 512K × 16
Design Tools Free Quartus software
Simulation Tools Modelsim-Altera Stater Edition v6.6d


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