Project Description


Project Purpose:

To act as a desk and project lamp, where the color temperature can be adjusted ranging from a very cool white, to very warm white, and the brightness can be varied. It will be controlled by an Espruino ( ) board, and capable of loading “preset” colors, as well as adjusting the color channels individually.

The author decided to use 1 and 3W luxeon clones (commonly called LED beads) for the lighting, in 5 channels. All LEDs used are phosphor based, even the yellow.

Additionally, the controller will monitor environmental conditions, and provide readout, including a graph of the past 24 hours on the backlit LCD screen. Time and sensor readings will also be displayed on a connected Nixie tube display (using SmartNixie tubes from

The controller will be connected to the network, and can be controlled remotely over the network, and, in turn, can control the relays in a Fargo ( ) unit over the network. The author used WIZ550io from WIZnet for ethernet networking.

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Tags : 20150322, WIZ550io, WIZnet, LED control, lighting, Espruino, Nixie

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