Project Description

Recently, many car drivers were damaged by gas station which support similar oil product and not quantitative gas. It were expected to increase above-mentioned damages. By using similar oil products, caused damage are working of lubrication in the fuel line, elf-cleaning function, the part of the early deterioration, impure accumulation in the fuel line, toxicity material in exhaust emissions and unidentified chemical reaction. To prevent these damages, proposed system use in-vehicle state data with OBD-II protocol, measure quantitative gas and similar oil.

In this paper, there have implemented similar oil identification and quantitative gas system through OBD-II scanner to provide WiFi communication by using WinCe development Board.

And,WizFi210 is used in this project as WiFi module.


It’s written in Korean and here is a summary about the paper.

* Journal title : Journal of the Korea Institute of Information and Communication Engineering

* Volume 15, Issue ,6,  2011, pp.1277-1282

* Publisher : The Korean Institute of Information and Communication Engineering


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