Project Description



In this project I’m gonna show you how to control an array of 8 leds (could be more) over the internet, at this moment this project is working by sending trough a webpage an http header with a value inside, arduino server is gonna check the http header for a value after the “?” and lights up a led or start a light sequence.

we always want to control remotely. However, there is limit to the distance according to the communication method.

But! The network is connected with the whole world? Anywhere, no matter how far it is possible to control.

Let’s start to control 8 LED.






  • 1×Arduino Etherneth Shield 2  (W5500)
  • 1×Arduino Uno R3
  • 4×Blue Led
  • 4×Red Led
  • 1×Ethernet Cable
  • 8×Resistor (depends on your source voltage and the led you use)



Software Tool

– Arduino IDE



Dated : 09/21/2016

Source :

Author : Fabio Nardini