Project Description


The goal of this project is to provide all the information others would need to integrate wireless Arduino nodes into a full-featured home automation system, with polished Android/iPhone apps as well as browser-based user interface. In addition, the automation gateway can be historize and chart sensor data, react to sensor values (send emails, do android push or iphone prowl notification, etc…), as well as control existing commercial products you may already own (Sonos speakers, WEMO, Insteon, z-wave devices).


1. Arduino Uno

2. RFM69HW

3. Wiznet Ethernet Shield W5100

4. Raspberry Pi

5. Battery Powered Units.Phase 1 of this project is to provide an over-all design and examples for home automation sensors.  Below, you’ll find my progress with video demos of each sensor.  The basic architecture has been built.


I’ll work on providing more example Arduino sensor nodes to fill up a home automation system.


Phase 2 is an experiment with physical computing.  Once I have all the sensors set up, I’d like to build a doll-house size replica of my house, with servo controlled windows and doors, and LEDs.  When a door opens up in the real house, the replica house’s door also opens. Basically, I’d like to come up with a replica house analog for all the sensors I have in the real house.


Garage Door Notifier:

Mailbox Notifier:



Garage Door:

Mailbox Notifier: