Project Description






How much water do you drink a day? You will be aware of the importance of The habit of drinking water without mentioning.

Hardware Components: 

WIZnet WIZwiki-W7500 —————–2

SparkFun XBee Explorer Regulated—–2

SD card————————————–1

OLED Display (SeeedStudio)————-1

Load Cell + HX711————————-1

LED (generic)——————————2

Tact Switch———————————2


Overall Scheme:


When I drink water, a Client sends an amount of water to Host.
The host can store the amount of water and Real-time(using NTP) to SD card.

  1. Make a chart and tick it off each time you drink a glass.
  2. Automatic sensing
    • Ultrasonic sensor to check the amount of water
    • Measure the weight of the water.
The weight of water?

Pure water has its highest density of 1000 kg/m3 at temperature 4C(39.2F)

  • 1g = 1ml

Load cell + HX711

Strain gauge

The force being sensed deforms a strain gauge. The strain gauge measures the deformation (strain) as a change in electrical resistance, which is a measure of the strain and hence the applied forces.



For more information about the strain gauge , refer the following links :


Make Cup holder(3D modelling)
Calibration & Measurement:


This 9V battery is 44g and I made sure that the measurements.
(W:43g -> Current weight, B:43g -> Temporary value for comparison)
For Calibration, You have to change the value of scale in the source code.






Overall setup :


Operation method:

Test data


  1. The client sends the data to Host.
    send 134: data type(Store at SD card: 1) + amount of water(34ml)
  2. Access and request to NTP server for real-time.
  3. Save real-time and an amount of water in SD card.
Actual data:


  1. Put up a cup of water on top of the Load cell weight sensor
  2. Client sensed 264ml of water.
  3. When I was drinking water, W:0(Current weight:0, because of holding the hand), B:264(saved weight:264)
  4. Sensed 180ml.
  5. Put up a cup of water again. send data type(1) + 84ml of water.

Logged data on SD card:



But, you don’t have to think about is do a few litres of water a day
You just have to set the target amount of water. Then you can see the percentage of data like below.