Project Description


This a simple tutorial on how to setup your Arduino board with Ethernet shield to control your home appliances like Lights or Fans using any device (Mobile/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop) connected to your WiFi network.


1. Arduino Ethernet Shield
2. Arduino Uno (or any other Arduino board compatible with the shield)
3. Relay Board (Number of Relays depend on how many appliances you want to control)
4. WiFi router
5. Ethernet cables
6. Wires.
Block Diagram:


We basically create an HTML page from Arduino which can be accessed by the devices connected to the network from their respective internet browsers. So we don’t need to install any specific application in each device you want to control your appliance with.
You just need to know some basics of HTML (which I will cover here) but the better you know, the cooler your web interface would look!


Tags:201802,Ethernet Shield W5100,Relay Board, WiFi router
Ganesh Selvaraj