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Author knew that he wanted to be able to control his robots from an Android phone, PC, or any other WiFi enabled device. he also knew that he wanted the system to be small and simplistic, but also powerful and extensible. The reason he went with an Arduino (Ethernet Pro) or a Netduino Plus for the controller was the low cost, ease of programming, and the embedded ethernet port. He coupled the onboard ethernet with a wireless router so that he could connect and transmit data to the robot wirelessly. Here are the results of our first robot build with this system. The robot was affectionately named Mantis.



As for all of the parts we used in the video, here’s all of the basics you’ll need to get your control system off the ground:

1. Ethernet Pro or Netduino Plus ($55-60)

2. Screw Shield ($15)

2. Wireless Router ($30-50)

3. 40A Speed Controllers ($90 ea) (can substitute lower current controllers for smaller motors)

4. Spike Relay ($35) (optional – useful for switching headlights or other 12v accessories)

4. 5V Power Regulator ($15)

5. Ethernet Cable, PWM Cables, Power Cable (~$20)

6. Battery Terminals ($5)

7. Main Power Breaker ($30)

8. Fuse Block ($15)

9. 12V Battery ($100-$200)



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