Project Description

It is a Ginkgo’s iCore2 100M Ethernet module.
The module can be “iCore2 module backplane” connected with “iCore2 dual-core board.”
It can also be used to make their own control panel, as a complete Ethernet extension to use, very convenient.


This module module information:

1. Name : iM_LAN 100M Ethernet module;

2. the interface chip : W5300 high-performance Ethernet chip;

3., interface speed : 100M Ethernet port;

4. the test speed : maximum speed is better than 5.5 M bytes per second (based on iCore2 dual core plate and do their own PC program);

5. the network protocol : Support TCP / UDP / ICMP / IPv4 / ARP / IGMP / PPPoE protocols and hardware protocol stack, stable and reliable;

6. number of ports : Supports 8 ports simultaneously;

7. Interface : bus interface (which can be connected with the STM32 FSMC bus);

8. Interface Type : 40p FPC connector, 0.5mm pitch;

9. power supply : 4 ~ 24V wide voltage power supply, built-in DCDC circuit;

10. Other features : Built stm8 CPU as module management, can be written unique ID, network physical address, ip address.


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