Project Description

This project allows people to be able to control of all the energy resources used at home using Arduino Ethernet Shield.

  • Project Background

Day after day, people use a big amount of gadgets and waste a lot of energy having no concern about it.

  • Project Introduce

Basically, the idea is a mobile application for tablets and smartphones that offers the user a total control of all the energy resources used at home. It shows information of all the gadgets and lights that are active in user´s home. This application, Aplicación Móvil Para el Ahorro de Energía (A.M.P.A.E.), allows the user to turn off the unwanted active gadgets of its home and also allows the active light’s intensity control, it works through an internet connection between the house and the user’s tablet or smartphone.

  • How to use Ethernet Shield

The mobile interface to work with is TouchOSC, available for Android & iOS, providing the user a pre-designed layout to control an Ethernet Shield W5100 and an Arduino. It’s mandatory for the interface to have the same LAN connection of the wanted home to control.

  • Steps of Project
  1. Connections

: First test with LEDs / Second test with Light bulb SSR

Picture of Connections
2. Get the IP Address of every device (Arduino IP / Computer IP / Mobile IP)
3. Upload
  • To Arduino
  • To your mobile
Picture of Upload
4. Done and Enjoy !!
Picture of Enjoy!
  •  Video (Aplicación Móvil Para el Ahorro de Energía)

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