Project Description




This project is advanced client project. If you have a experience with client project, this will be easy and helpful. It uses Google Spreadsheet as Server.

And Arduino uploads data to it and after that user can check and download it.




The steps for sending data from Arduino to Google Spreadsheet.

1. You have to create a module from the Google Docs page (registration is required)



2. Select ‘New’ > ‘Form’ from the Google Docs menu



3. Create the form with text field. You can enter as many fields you want. Give a name to the form and the questions ( question names are the column names)



4. Click on ‘Done’. it has created the form. In the URL you can see the formkey. Take note of this key and it will be used in the Arduino sketch.



5. Normally the text boxes ( data1 and 2 in this example) are called entry.0.single and enrtry.1.single … etc., but the name may change if you change the basic structure. So the best way is to explore the HTML to actually check the names.



6. This is Google Chrome Browser. The code shows the exact name of the two text boxes. Take note of these names.



7. In this project, the names are entry.0.single by Date 1 and entry.2.single to Date 2. To send the data to the module we must use this syntax: = YOUR FORM KEY & IFQ & YOUR ENTRY = THE VALUE TO STORE & submit = submit

For example :

This is Result >



8. The data are copied to Google spreadsheet. This is the sheet in this project with various data.





After all, have to send the data with Arduino. Use the POST method to send data to the module.

Please refer the below code.



Thank you