Project Description

You give your pets everything: Food, water, a home, toys, and love. Why not give them a twitter account?

This project allows you to monitor your pets’ eating habits and receive alerts when their supplies are low. It’s also a cute, fun way to learn how to interact with the Arduino, Twitter, sensors, and Ethernet.

Here is the part list. Depending on your individual needs, you may substitute the scale, amplifier, or water sensor.

  • An Arduino Uno
  • An Arduino Ethernet Shield (W5100 )
  • A cheap digital kitchen or postal scale ($20 at Bed Bath and Beyond) for the strain gauge.
  • An instrumentation amplifier to boost the strain gauge output.
  • A water level sensor. For ease of use, I chose the this one from Jameco.
  • A prototyping board, prototyping shield, or ability to create circuit boards.
  • A 5V USB power supply and USB A-B cable.
  • Something to protect your kit from the pets. I used a cheap plastic storage bin.
  • A couple resistors, some spare parts from around the house, and some creativity.




You can see more detail about the project and get the source code from Instrcutables.