Project Description





In Movies or Dramas, you can see many times Hacker’s awesome performance and at the time, you are frustrated by main characters can not catch them.

If You were the main character, How can you catch the Hacker? 

Today You will be Hacker Hunter!  Now, Let’s be!

How can we do? It is very simple. We make Traps and wait for their coming. We can call it, HoneyPot.

If Hackers or visitors join the HoneyPot, HoneyPot remembers thier IP Address.

All Internet user has IP Address. And nowadays we can find the Location with IP Address. (even thou it is not a specific location)

After that, You can have Hunter IP Address and Hunt!!

It means You are already hunting Hacker!



Let’s do

Click the This Link, it has everything how to make HoneyPot.

Only you need Arduino platform board, Arduino Ethernet Shield and Arduino IDE.

Good Luck!





Author :  Shlomi Ruder

Source URL :