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 Use the ethernet shield module to transmit data to yeelink platform to display data transmitted through yeelink platform server processing.



The controller section is a very unique controller, which can connect the network cable, set local mac address and destination address of the server send and receive data through the program functions. Already connected to the network can use a computer connected to the network can also be directly burned into the program directly connected to the router connected to the network. If to add a wireless serial module, this sensor is also entirely possible to use as a data node.

W5500 is a set of TCP / IP protocol, MAC and PHY (10 / 100M Base T) in one of the network chip bus interface supports direct, indirect bus interface and SPI bus, Arduino IDE built-in Ethernet library is still compatible with the W5500. Directly to the W5500 when using external RAM, MCU initialization bit I / O, registers, etc. can be used. Ethernet is a simple and quick expansion of the program, in terms of stability and high performance is also very prominent. Hardware support TCP / IP protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, PPPoE.


Then we Arduino on a Web server of the ultra-small. Open IE browser address bar enter Enter, then enter the Arduino internal web



yeelink platform provides two ways, one is arduino / SCM network socket connection over direct way, connected to the platform, and server connection remains long, this method is relatively strong real-time control; Another approach is to arduino as a client, periodically query the current value of the sensor to the server.

First, as usual, we must first apply to yeelink of API-KEY can be:

The first step: After registration, add a switch type sensor.

The second step, to obtain the sensor device number and the number of inserted control equipment.

Step 3: Connect the network setup parameters.

Note that the settings here

20140820155303453 20140820160023832


Also, note that, ethernet shield is needed in your home router to open the DHCP function, if not open, you can refer to add

1. Code in byte ip [] = {192, 168, 1, 12}; ( depending on the network environment change)

2. the Ethernet.begin (mac) replaced Ethernet.begin (mac, ip);

Here is a diagram showing through ethernet shie uploaded yeelink light data:



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