#Ping & ARP Message


In this article, we will learn about Ping and Arp message and how to send them.
Ping message is a sent message to check the status of Network. It is a kind of ICMP Protocol.
The user sends an ICMP echo request to check whether the host is operating or not.
If the host is in operation, it sends an ICMP echo reply to confirm the operation.
Arp message is a message to obtain MAC Address through IP Address.
General products provide Arp to run automatically when data is transmitted after setting IP Address in network communication.
Now, we will learn how to send Arp and Ping message through command setting without Socket open using W5100S and how to send them using W5100.

Ping Message

As mentioned earlier, if you want to check whether the server is operating or not, you can send Ping message.
If sending Ping message using W5100, Socket can be easily transmitted in IPraw mode.
You can find the code and how to send it at the link below.


Message using W5100S can be transmitted in the same way as using W5100.
However, W5100S can send PING message by setting the Command only without Socket Open.
It is more convenient since you don’t have to open the Socket and implement ICMP message with software.
In order to send Ping Message, you set “Retranmission Timer Value, Retransmissionhttp://wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=products:w5100s:application:slc/ mand”. Then, Ping request packet will be transmitted.
You can find the code and how to send it at the link below.


ARP Message

As mentioned earlier, Arp is a message to get MAC Address through IP Address.
In general, User doesn’t have to send arp message by force.
After the user sets Destination IP and sends data, the data is transmitted to the corresponding Mac Address after Arp.
However, once Arp runs and the address of Destination is changed after obtaining Mac Address of Destination, the data is transmitted to the previous address.
In this case, ARP should be set to be transmitted by force.
To send ARP by force using W5100, you open Socket in MACraw mode and implement Arp to Software.
However, it is inconvenient that you have to open the Socket and implement Arp message. Therefore, I recommend changing the Destination IP and then setting it again.
Whenever Destination IP is changed, Arp will run again.
In common with Ping Message, W5100S can send Arp like W5100. But, W5100S can send ARP message with only Command setting.
The transmission method is the same as Ping. In case of ARP, there is no need to set Sequence Number and Identifier.

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