Motor for IoT System


What kind of IoT system do you want to build?
The IoT system is short for Internet of Things, which means to exchange information between objects and to do their own work without human intervention.
Therefore, a MCU board is required to build an IoT system, and the device should be connected to a wired/wireless network.
Examples of wired/wireless communication networks include Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Bluetooth.
In this article, I will introduce some examples of IoT systems that use Ethernet to control the motor. Hope you have a motor that you’re interested in!

Arduino Water System to Wet Your Plant

The first project I’ll introduce is the Arduino Water System.
Arduino Uno is equipped with a Ethernet Shield to build a network and RS-360SH, the water pump motor, is used to pour water into the plants.
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IoT Pet Feeder

The second project I’ll introduce is the Pet Feeder.
This is a project that automatically feeds your pets by attaching a servo motor to the WIZwiki-W7500 board.
The W7500 board has a W5500 Ethernet chip in M0 and does not require a separate Ethernet shield.
In this project, you can set the motor to run at a specific time, and when the motor runs, the feed comes out.
The hardware can be made entirely through a 3D printer or it can be implemented in other ways.
You can get the 3D printer drawing from the above link.
The code can be easily imported and used for mbed.

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Camera Surveillance Controller System

The third project I’ll introduce is a Camera Surveillance Controller System.
The motor is used to move the IP camera. Let’s assume that you are installing and monitoring an IP camera in your home or office but your desired view is obstructed. You can control the motor and move the IP camera to fix the obscured view.
In this project, Arduino UNO R3 is equipped with EthernetShield to build the network environment and the IP camera is moved through servo motor.
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Shutter Control

The last project I would like to introduce is Shutter Control.
In this project, we created an environment in which the camera shutter can be pressed by controlling the servo motor to the digital camera.
Likewise, they installed Ethernet Shield in Arduino to build a network.
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