I am not sure how valuable it is to predict the near future in 2018 which has been changing rapidly.

Someone might think that it is more valuable to develop the agility to be flexible in responding to fast-changing future. I also doubt whether it would be meaningful to see the current situation where AI holds a dominant position in the area of analysis and prediction.

But, can’t you just stay and watch? There will be some trends in fast-changing Mobile and IoT environments. I am writing this article in order to comfort myself so that I can reach even near the trends.

The link below is the white paper of Cisco in 2017 related to predicting an increase in network traffic and equipment.



There are only two parts of the white paper that I have noticed.

First, by 2021, the mobile traffic will take possession of 63% of the total traffic. Second, the number of devices connected to the IP network will be three times the population of 2021. I want to expand my thought from here. The increase in mobile traffic and IoT device is a fair fact that everyone can predict, but I am interested in the number of IoT devices having per person. At least in 2021, the number of network devices are 3 per person. The report estimates that the number of network devices will be 3.5 per person in 2021. It has at least two network devices per person with the exception of the mobile device. It is a huge number.

IoT 디바이스 수 전망

시스코는 2020년까지 IoT 디바이스가 500억개에 달할 것이라고 예측한 바 있다.


These huge numbers of devices will be obviously controlled by mobile. Users should control IoT devices using mobile application, but there is a problem in its kind. If IoT devices are controlled by their respective Apps, the user’s mobile devices will be filled with APPs for IoT control around 2025. Of course, this is not going to happen because of the development of AI technology and the greed of companies. It would be hard to make a replacement if IoT device services integrated into the mobile are combined and used. This operation is gradually proceeding by huge companies. Google’s assistant can be one of the examples. Google has built a huge mobile ecosystem with Android early and has been armed with Assistant that can integrate all network services through AI as well as IoT device. However, there are many companies that are ready to compete such as Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft with existing services, customers that have been secured with that service and AI technology. Also, it will be possible that there are companies that suddenly appear and rule the market. (Watching who wins is one of my points.)

Mobile applications will be integrated with AI in the near future and used to control personalized IoT devices. If you are an engineer or a company who considers regarding IoT services, you need to be more aggressive in providing services through AI integrated applications such as Google assistant and Facebook messenger chatbot, rather than creating separate IoT service apps.

Please refer to the link below for more information and insights on developing IoT services.




작성자: Peter Bang